Pins, Rivets, Nails

Pins, Rivets & Nails. Item & Description, PINS, Alloys Available.


Descriptions & Alloys Available

Cotter Pin Round, split pin used as safety locking device, generally through a slotted or castle nut; through drilled hole in shank of bolt or screw. 18.8, 316, Monel, Brass

Spiral Pin 18.8

Spring Pin 18.8

Taper Pin Where disassembly is expected, taper pin, which can be easily driven out of its sized hole is a useful fastening element. 18.8

Round Head The most common rivet head, specified for most general applications. 18.8, 316, Monel, Aluminum, Copper

Flat Head Head is a low, round & flat protruding type of head, not countersunk. Specified where a low head will solve design problems. 18.8, 316, Aluminum, Copper

Countersunk Head For flush surfaces applications. Angle of countersink on small diameter is 90 degrees, rivets one-half inch and over, 78 degrees. 18.8, 316, Monel, Aluminum, Copper

Tinners The larger head provides a greater distribution of load on light gage metal. Used principally in sheet metal work. 18.8, 316, Aluminum, Copper, Steel

Blind 18.8, Monel, Aluminum

COMMON 18.8, 316, Brass, Copper