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  Pacific Fasteners is a distributor of stainless steel fasteners serving individual and wholesale customers in many industries including construction, industrial, medical, military, automobile and more. Our available inventory includes general fasteners, micro diameter fasteners, sheet metal fasteners, thread locking fasteners, blind rivets, cold formed fasteners, fasteners for plastic/wood/metal applications and more.

As an established company we have been consistent in fast-shipping our large variety of standard, special and custom made products internationally at competitive prices and with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Customers turn to us when they need help sourcing specific types of fasteners and expect fast and professional service along with our huge variety of product solutions. Trust our proven record of reliability, and our innovative approach to online services. We deliver solutions!

We pride ourselves in our ability to help solve special problems that require special skills, know-how, and custom production to spec.

You will be dealing with an international company with helpful personal service. We boast 40 years of service experience in the fastener business. Thank you for visiting our website; we look forward to your business in the future.

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catalog tiltedThe easiest method to order our products is to phone us at any of our three branches throughout Canada and United States. If you are long distance please send us an E-mail and we will try to accommodate you. Visa or MasterCard over the phone is not a problem. Please understand we will fill any order large or small, shipping and handling will be agreed upon prior to payment. Email us at or or for direct service with either Ken, Keith or Steve you may use their direct inboxes.



Hex Head Bolt, Carriage, Elevator Bolt, Lag Bolt, Flat Head Cap screw or Machine bolt, Machine Screws, Threaded Rod and Studs

Pins, Rivets & Nails

Cotter Pin, Spiral Pin, Spring Pin, Taper Pin, Rivets (Round/Flat/Countersunk Head), Tinners, Blind and Nails.

Nuts & Washers

Finished Hex Nut Full and Jam, Heavy Hex Nut Full and Jam, Jam, Castle Nut, Wing Nut, Square Machine Screw Nut, Cap Nut (Acorn Nut), Nylock, Coupling and Washers

Bolts, Machine Screws, Threaded rod & Studs

Hex Head Bolt, Carriage, Elevator Bolt, Lag Bolt, Flat Head Cap Screw or Machine bolt, Machine Screws (Pan, Flat, Oval, Round, Truss...

U Bolts, Tee Bolts, Plugs, Socket Caps

U Bolt, Eye bolt, Socket Pipe, Standard Key, Woodruff Key, Flat Socket Allen Cap, Button, Socket Head Allen Cap, Butt Hinges, Piano Hinges